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Accredited B based on the decree of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education

(BAN-PT No.014/BAN-PT/Ak-XI/S1/VII/2008)


The Faculty of Dentistry initially became one of the departments of the Medical Faculty of Hang Tuah University namely the Dentistry Department and was established i n 1997 by Nala Foundation, a foundation which belongs to the Navy of Indonesia . The decree was given by the Director General of Higher Education in 1998 as stated in the decree no. 365/Dikti/Kep/1998 which stated that The Faculty of Dentistry is the seventh faculty of Hang Tuah University. The re are 429 students at present, and the Faculty of Dentistry has graduate d 302 dentists .

The decree of National Accreditat ion Board of Higher Education is BAN-PT 014/BAN PT/ Ak-XI/S1/VII/2008.

The Dentistry Faculty carries out two programs. They are Undergraduate Program which has 144 credits in 7 semesters, and the Professional Program which has 33 credits in 3 semesters. Competency-Based Curriculum is implemented as the major curriculum using the integrated learning approach which focuses on problem solving activities.


The purpose of the Faculty of Dentistry of Hang Tuah University is to educate students using a process learning based on the curriculum, so it will graduate dentists who have strong humane attitudes, focus on the morality of Pancasila, obey the laws stated in 1945 National Constitution , and have excellent knowledge and skills


After completing the study, the students will have two major degrees. They are ;

•  For the Undergraduate program students, the degree is Bachelor of Dentistry .

•  For the Profession al Education Program students, the degree is Dentist .


The lecturers of the Faculty of Dentistry consist of 56 Nala Foundation lecturers, 28 assisted-lecturers of the seventh Region of the Private Higher Education Coordinator Institution , and 20 lecturers from Indonesia Navy. Therefore, 104 lecturers with the degree of postgraduates , specialists , and doctors are involved in the educational learning process.


•  The Dental and Mouth Hospital is to carry out the integrated practices and specialist services .

•  The Laboratories of:

•  Basic Dentistry Science

•  Biomaterial Science

•  Oral Biology

•  Public Dental Health Science

•  Oral Surgery Science

•  Oral Disease Science

•  Conservative Dentistry

•  Orthodontia

•  Prostodontia

•  Perio don tia

•  Pedodontia

•  Library

•  Lectures rooms

•  IT Laboratory

•  Skill


Working with other universities is a must, so Faculty of Dentistry of UHT implements it by building networks with the following institutions as follows:

•  The Health Department of Surabaya

•  Dr. Ramelan Surabaya Navy Hospital

•  PT . Unilever Indonesia Tbk.

•  Martadinata ' Navy Dentistry Institution

•  School of Dentistry of Tokushima University, Japan

•  School of Dentistry, Dental Hospital and Dental Industry of Chosun University, Republic of Korea