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EduPreneur Maritime

By providing qualified education based on the maritime scientific technology and arts, Hang Tuah University, Surabaya is persistent to produce competent entrepreneurs in the field of maritime to empower the young generations in dealing with future challenges.

Hang Tuah University, Surabaya hopes that the graduates are capable of creating new vacancies in every life-aspects, so they will help the nation in reducing unemployment in Indonesia and strenghten the nation maritime industry.

UHT Institute for Research and Community Services

UHT Institute for Research and Community Services is one of the elements of the academics that coordinates, observes, and grades the implementation of the institutional research and society services. The research can be conducted individually or in a group.

There are five main multidisciplinary centres that are conducted by UHT Institute for Research and Community Services, namely:

•  Centre of Maritime Information System Development Research

•  Centre of Environment Research

•  Centre of Legal Medics Research

•  Centre of Eldery and Reproduction Research

•  Centre of Human Resources Research

Established to maintain the realibility of the research and the implementation of the community service, the institute has two main goals. They are:

•  The centre of the research

•  The centre of community services

Thus, the coverage fields of UHT Institute for Research and Community Services are:

Medicine, Law, Technical Engineering, Administration, Dentistry, Psychology, Oceanography, Fishery, and Maritime Sciences.