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This faculty produces qualified graduates in the fields of maritime engineering, so they involve in the researches and community services well based on the scientific pattern way of thinking. In the future, they are ready to be competitive in dealing with future challenges especially in the field of maritime.

The Departments

•  Naval Architecture Engineering: Accredited B ( BAN-PT No.047/BAN-PT/Ak-XIV/S1/XII/2011)

•  Naval System Engineering: Accredited B ( BAN-PT No.001/BAN-PT/Ak-XI/S1/IV/2008)

•  Electrical Engineering: Accredited B ( BAN-PT No.014/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/S1/VI/2009)

•  Oceanography (Accredited B BAN-PT No.018/BAN-PT/Ak-XII/S1/VII/2009)

•  Fishery (Accredited B BAN-PT No.32/BAN-PT/Ak-XV/S1/X/2012)


The Lecturers

The lecturers of the Faculty of Technical Engineering and Marine Science consist of 48 tenure lecturers with postgradutes and doctoral degrees.


The Facilities

•  Library

•  Drawing studio

•  Physics and Chemistry laboratories

•  Cooler Machine, welding, electronics laboratories

•  Ship machine and modelling workshops

•  Micro-processor and micro-controller laboratories

•  Electricity Conversion laboratory

•  Microbiology laboratory, hatchery, aquaculture laboratory

•  The technology of Fishery Product laboratory

•  Hidro-oceanography laboratory

•  Modelling and simulation laboratory

•  Computer laboratory

The Learning Methods

Student-centred learning is emphazid in conducting the learning process, so the students are more active in doing many activities in class, laboratories, and workshops using many kinds of learning methods. Thus, the lecturers become the facilitators to produce qualified graduates. The relationships between the lecturers and the students are close, but ethics must be implemented in the interactions.

The Partnerships

The partnership between the Faculty of Technical Engineering and Marine Science of Hang Tuah University and others has been done well.

The partners are:

•  PT. SPIL (Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines)

•  PT. PAL Indonesia

•  PT. Dumas Tanjung Perak Shipyard

•  PT. Ume Persada Indonesia

•  PT. Central Proteina Prima

•  PT. Chell Jedang Feed

•  PT. Darma Lautan Utama

•  PT. PLN


•  PT Telkom

•  PT. Batamec Shipyard

•  LIPI (Indonesia Centre of Research and Development)

•  PT. Japfa Comfeed Indonesia

•  PT. Jaya Asiatic Shipyard

•  PT. Palma Shipyard