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Accredited B based on the decree of National Accreditation Board of Higher Education

(BAN-PT No.003/BAN-PT/Ak-IV/S2/V/2008)

The focus of this program is to deepen the field of territorial autonomy, maritime, and tourism. Three of them have futuristic development although they have not being explored currently because of the lack of experts. Thus, UHT provides educators to deepen those fields by equipping the students with recent knowledge and practice in those subjects.

The Purpose

There are three main goals in establishing this program. First, to prepare the candidates of territorial autonomy policy makers, maritime policy, and torism management in order to have competencies in those fields. Second, to prepare the students to be ready for all newest global development in those three fields. Third, to produce graduates that have well-educated knowledge and practice in thee main fields above.

The Learning Methods

Lectures, discusssions, experts' lectures are provided to deepen all subjects. The experts come from well-known institutions, so the topics of the lectures are the newest subjects found.